Facial disfigurement compensation claims

Accidents resulting in an injury to the face can be extremely distressing and nothing will ever truly compensate you for an accident of this kind. Our team of Personal Injury (PI) lawyers however can help you fight for your rights and make sure that you receive the most appropriate kind of care and support going forward.


Types of facial disfigurement injuries

Our Personal Injury (PI) lawyers deal with a wide range of facial injury compensation claims including but not limited to:

  1. facial disfigurement
  2. fractures
  3. scarring
  4. lacerations
  5. burns
  6. associated sensory damage such as damage to: sight, hearing, taste and smell
  7. breathing difficulties.


Aesthetic prejudice

In addition to seeking compensation for a facial injury we will also discuss any potential aesthetic prejudice, psychological harm and the impact that the facial disfigurement may have upon your future employment position.


Accident circumstances that may result in a facial disfigurement compensation claim
There are many types of accident that can result in a facial disfigurement claims including:
accidents at work
botox and beauty treatments
clinical and medical negligence
car accidents
criminal injuries
motorbike and cycling accidents.


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