Diffuse pleural thickening compensation claims

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening and consider that this diagnosis is related to a past asbestos exposure in the workplace or via a public organisation then you may be able to make claim for compensation.  Our asbestos related disease lawyers and solicitors offer ‘No win, no win’ fee arrangements and all initial consultations are conducted on a FREE, no-obligation basis.


What is pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening?

Pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening is where extensive scarring thickens the pleural membrane lining your lungs and chest wall.  When the pleura becomes thickened and hardened over a large area, the lungs cannot expand resulting in breathlessness and tightness in the chest.


Proving responsibility and who will pay the compensation?

In order to bring a compensation claim for an asbestos related disease it is necessary to establish that your exposure to asbestos was due to the fault of another; be that an employer, a public organisation or a nearby factory.  Historically, many employers did not take adequate steps to warn or protect individuals against the risk of asbestos exposure and as a result many individuals have been harmed unnecessarily.

Due to the length of time between exposures, the symptoms presenting themselves and diagnosis; many businesses that were at fault for exposing employees to asbestos will have stopped trading.  Our Industrial Disease lawyers have dealt with many cases where the responsible party is no longer in business and yet they have still successfully recovered compensation; by locating the Employer’s Liability Insurance Company, who provided insurance cover at the time, and by restoring the company to the register to complete the claim.


Progression of pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening

Occasionally, individuals who have been diagnosed with pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening go on to develop mesothelioma or lung cancer and as such we will recommend that you reserve your legal rights via a ‘Provisional damages award’ which will allow you to return to court for further compensation in the unfortunate event that you go on to develop one of these diseases.


Time limit to bring a claim

It is important to note that an individual has three years from the date of knowledge that the asbestos related disease was caused by the fault of another to bring a compensation claim.

Our asbestos related disease lawyers and solicitors offer FREE ‘No win, no win’ fee consultations.  If you or loved one is or has suffered from an asbestos related disease such as pleural thickening or diffuse pleural thickening, please call our Industrial Disease solicitors for a FREE, no-obligation chat on Freephone: 0808 164 0808 or complete the request a call back form and we will call you.